System requirements

The minimum system requirements for OpenNFT are 8 GB RAM, i5 CPU with 2 or 4 free cores for two modes of the software using 3 or 4 Matlab processes, respectively, which needs to be compromised with the neurofeedback study design complexity, computational demands and the repetition time of the data acquisition.

The recommended system configuration is 16 GB RAM and i7 CPU with 4 free cores. The maximum number of Matlab processes is defined by the end-user and is limited by the local workstation capabilities.

The software has been successfully tested on Microsoft Windows 7,8, and 10 and Apple macOS El Capitan and Sierra.

For detailed installation instructions, see the most recent (ReadMe) and to be updated installation manual for technical details and potential issues.

OpenNFT Installation manual v1.0

Required end-user skills

Our team address the variety of issues from installation procedures, to computational algorithms, neurofeedback project design, data analysis and software customizations for end-user needs.

Our software is made in such a way that the variety of neurofeedback researches and implementations could be addressed by the end-user with Matlab programming skills only, not necessarily experienced with Python and multi-processing programming. An end-user who targets the full flexibility on software modifications requires solid programming skills and/or an engineering background being familiar with Matlab and Python programming practices and multi-processing programming.

Solid knowledge in fMRI data processing and neurofeedback is required to understand the data processing and neurofeedback logic coding.