An open-source Python/Matlab framework for real-time fMRI neurofeedback training

OpenNFT is a GUI-based multi-processing open-source software package for real-time fMRI neurofeedback training and quality assessment. This package is based on best practices of the platform-independent interpreted programming languages Python and Matlab to facilitate concurrent functionality, high modularity, and the ability to extend the software in Python or Matlab depending on end-user preferences. OpenNFT includes, but is not limited to, the functionality of SPM, PsychoPy and Psychtoolbox software suits. The OpenNFT’s GUI, synchronization module and multi-processing core are implemented in Python, whilst computational modules for real-time data processing and neurofeedback are implemented in Matlab.

Refer to GitHub, and to manuscripts (Koush et al., 2017, Neuroimage) and (Koush et al., 2017, Data in Brief) for further descriptions.

Project leader

  • Yury Koush

Core software team

  • Evgeny Prilepin
  • Artem Nikonorov
  • Tibor Auer
  • Nikita Davydov
  • Yury Koush


  • Lucas Peek
  • Dimitri Van De Ville
  • Ronald Sladky
  • Frank Scharnowski
  • John Ashburner
  • Peter Zeidman
  • Sergei Bibikov


The development of this open-source software was and is supported by funding sources directly and indirectly:

  • Samara University (SU)
  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Aligned Research Group
  • Wyss Center Geneva
  • University of Geneva
  • University College London (UCL)
  • University of Zurich